tawl friend

by tall friend

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released January 20, 2017

tall friend is

ch pf-- vox, baritone guitar, synth on "cockroach"
cale cuellar-- guitar
jesse paller-- drums

recorded at kokomo, mixed by j paller!

lyrics written in spring of 2015 by ch

album art by ryan wyrick

thanks to our friends :o)

(and kenzie benson, our first fan)



all rights reserved


tall friend Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


~~ (*-*) ~~


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Track Name: termites
i’ll become a big oak tree and
let the beetles eat their way through me and
when they’re done you’ll carve your name

‘cause nothing can be like it was
before i met you and i felt your touch
(you laid your eggs in my stomach)

you are just a small termite
who keeps me up, who eats me up
at night, and the light scares you away

i am brave and i am wise
but you see right thru my red apple eyes
you make me want to run and hide

but i will stand here in the sun
and make sure you’re okay until you’re done
(‘cause i’m in luv and i’m so… dumb)
Track Name: cockroach
you can belong anywhere
effortlessly, like a sharpie mark
or a cockroach

and, yea i miss you, but
i miss everyone else too
so don’t take it personal!

tell me what you’re thinking,
what’s been on your mind!
i am the queen of guessing games
but tonight i am just tired
tell me what you’re thinking,
what’s been on your mind!
i really hope it’s me ‘cause i have
this obsession with being liked

tell me what you’re thinking,
what’s been on your brain!
i think we’ve all heard that saying:
you cannot grow without some pain
Track Name: c
i leave things behind
so you will remember
that i am here and i am trying
i am here and i am trying

we are feathered friends with different calls
i just can’t seem to decipher yours
and while i dream of your mouth
you dream of heading south for the winter

it is so easy missing you
but it’s also really easy to
miss the sun on a cloudy day
and you know that i am afraid
of being burnt or blistered

and i have never been held or touched by anyone
Track Name: suf
all my stories involve dead animals

and i remember when we laid together on the slide
with our backs pressed to the plastic
and our bellies to the light

don’t make homes in other people’s bones
‘cause when a storm comes you’re gonna be caught in the middle of it all
o no!
don’t find shelter in other people’s skulls
‘cause when a storm comes you’re gonna be caught in the middle of it all
Track Name: guts
i spilled my gutz on the floor
and you just lingered by the door
as the seconds passed, i felt like
more and more
of a monster,
of a scary thing to harbor from

i was 7 when my parents moved to separate beds
and i was 17 when i realized beds
are not sacred, they’re just places
to sleep and give head

my friend says she fears that she’s no longer pure
and whether that’s true, i cannot say for sure
but i wish i could take her and shake her and say
“you will always be nothing but magic to me”