safely nobody's

by tall friend

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this album is a documentation of me packing up and unboxing many, many years of hurt.

for a very long time i genuinely believed that i was alone in my circumstances. while i now know this to be untrue, i also know that there are people out there still feeling desolate and unsure of what tomorrow will bring.

i hope that these songs will provide a little bit of solace for those somebodies living in glass houses.

( "we grew up in spite of it" )


released August 11, 2017

ch pf- vox, guitars, bass
cale cuellar- bass, guitars, baritone guitar
jesse paller- drums, guitar on ‘small space’ and 'kb', vox on ‘72’

emily sprague- vox, guitar, shaker on 'kb', vox on ’kb' and '72'
jamie finucane- vox on ‘72’

lyrics by charles

instrumentals recorded by jesse paller at gravesend recordings
vocals and ‘skate ramp’ recorded by emily sprague at her house
‘kb’ recorded by emily sprague at her house and jesse paller at kokomo

mixed by jesse paller
‘skate ramp’ mixed by emily sprague
‘kb’ mixed by emily sprague and jesse paller
mastered by carl saff



all rights reserved


tall friend Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


~~ (*-*) ~~



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Track Name: Mother
Track Name: Natural Things
we are made of glass and other natural things
you light a match and blow it out
'cause you like the smell
and you like me
when i'm not so loud
Track Name: 72
i'll tell you the truth for 72 hours
we'll see if you still stick around
biting down hard on a wooden cherry
every day i am getting better

what if every time someone new loved me
a birthmark appeared on my stark body?
a smattering of freckles on the bridge of my nose
i'm harvesting my worry 'cause it's something that just
grows and grows and grows
Track Name: Radio
a radio commercial
reminds you of being small
and a winter spent hobbling
through a place that you're not fond of

goodbye is a swear word
wash your mouth with soap
sometimes i say dumb shit
tomorrow you'll forget i hope
Track Name: KB
my dad watches storms like he's looking in the mirror,
like if he squints hard enough he'll become the lightning
"i can recite three myths from memory"
and at playtime i'm always the doggy

nectarines are victory food,
i bow my head as i sit in the pew
and i hope no one around me notices
i'm not talking to god, i'm just singing to you

ashamed of my words and the sounds they create
but i hope you can hear them 1500 miles away
my dad watches storms like he's looking in the mirror
and i love you, could i make it any clearer?
Track Name: Apoptosis
found a video where i'm dancing with my father
i am four and i am out there in the open
you weren't home, but i played your piano
wrote a score in the key of doors closing

free jazz record spins on your machine,
you loved its chaos, but mine's just tiring
so i went home and i played my piano
wrote a score in the key of an ending
Track Name: Oats
i act just like an old man
i eat my oats and
i go to bed

i smell just like a quitter
tangy and bitter
please let me rest

mom calls from the hospital
"happy birthday, now you're all grown up"

"but mom," i tell her later,
"i have been grown since i was small"
Track Name: Skate Ramp
i keep thinking you'll apologize
if i give it some time
and i keep thinking you'll come around
if i leave you alone, if i don't make a sound

talk to me about something touchy
and we'll grant it some space, give it some room to breathe
i'm still little, but what does that mean?
sometimes pain brings us back to where we gotta be
Track Name: Small Space
i start to sing, you tell me to stop
i can run fast, but not fast enough
shrill is my voice and strained is my spine
still wear your t-shirt all of the time

think of a kid learning how to ice skate
there's blood on the ice but he's quick on his blades
i can't go out, i just cling to the wall
robby tells me that it's okay to fall

wish you could see how well i cross the street
there's blood on the road but i'm quick on my feet
(photosynthesis: take the harsh light and turn it into energy)
(apoptosis: my cells are dark but they are a part of me)
i am no one's
i am sitting safely nobody's